With the wide range of scholarships offered by various institutions nowadays, potential scholarship applicants may be bewildered by the sometimes confusing terms and conditions, perks, bonds and intangible benefits like prestige attached to scholarship. Thus, it is important for potential applicants to seriously study what each scholarship entails for them, to know what their best choice would be. nametag4

For me, one of the main reasons I took up the Nanyang Scholarship was the freedom it offered me to choose the career path I want to take in the future. Fuelled by my strong interest in aerodynamics and lift augmentation in aircraft, my dream is to become an engineer who would be at the forefront of aircraft design, shaping the future of aeronautics. Singapore has already developed itself into a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) hub in Asia. Being bond-free, the Nanyang Scholarship will give me the liberty to explore other options, perhaps overseas, so that I can continue to pursue my dreams immediately after graduation.

Another reason why I decided to become a Nanyang Scholar is because of the wide-ranging programmes and the quality of education that NTU offers. NTU also offers students pursuing a degree in the engineering and sciences faculty the opportunity to join the CN Yang Scholars Programme. Under this premier programme, scholars will undergo a rigorous training to acquire a broad-based understanding in the sciences, math and in the field of research. This is a bid towards producing the next generation of researchers in Singapore. I took up the programme and have since discovered that I have a strong passion for research.

I discovered that being a Nanyang Scholar means more than just excelling in the academia. I can still remember the scholars’ orientation, where we were given the challenge to not just do well in our studies but to take the lead and be at the forefront in improving the environment and the lives of people around us. The inspiring examples given by the senior scholars who took up important committee posts in their respective clubs were quoted during the speech, enlightening us about the true essence of being a Nanyang Scholar.

ntu-zhengwen-copy2I faced the challenge by taking up the post of Hall Cultural Secretary in my freshman year, and now, serves as the pioneer President of the CN Yang Scholars’ Club.

My journey so far in NTU as a Nanyang Scholar has been nothing less than fulfilling. I have learnt that being a scholar is not about being the crème de la crème, but it is about being a person with a mind to apply what I have learned to improve the environment and society. It is about having the humility to want to learn from others and about having the tenacity and drive to continue to pursue your dreams with no holds barred. This is what it means for me as a Nanyang Scholar and I am definitely proud to be one.